The leap labs secures engagement with jaris, a silicon valley fintech starup


Professional UI / UX Web Application Software Design

The Leap Labs specializes in "greenfield" and early design engagements. We have successfully engaged in projects that have had no previous product visualization (Pensando, Aporeto) to products that have some minor attempts at visualization (CloudPost, Xcalar). We treat every product like a consumer product, we want our customers products to delight their customers and we our customers to return to us for post stealth engagements.

Through a series of Product Definition Workshops, Design Presentations and a rapid and iterative prototyping process, we are able to produce amazing and intuitive applications for our customers and theirs.

CloudPost Networks:


Branding for Start-ups

If an organization is in a very early start-up stage, we can provide branding in the form of a logo and business cards to make initial meetings with potential clients professional. We have successfully branded customers during first engagements.

Customer Branding:

Starter Websites

Often our clients need a starter web site to state their intentions, post news and recruit talent. We have designed web sites for early start-ups and more advanced companies.



White-papers, Data-sheets and support materials

Building on the application design and to help our clients with successful product launches and come out of stealth, we offer professionally designed white-papers and data-sheets. We find that The Leap Labs is in a unique position to use designed product screens, iconography and other materials designed for our clients to create great support materials.

White-papers & Data-sheets: