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We are a small and dedicated group that specialize in designing world-class
UX/UI for enterprise software start-ups

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Visualize your MVP within 8 weeks

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Our Story

With the launch and success of Skyhigh Networks' CASB App 5 years ago, The Leap Labs realized great UX and UI can make the difference between success and failure. Since, we have had dozens of successful enterprise software engagements allowing our clients to LEAP over the competition.

Iterative, user-centric design produces understandable workflows
Understandable workflows allow users to adopt the product faster
Once adopted, users are much less likely to change software
Who We Are

Artists, Designers & Thinkers

We are a small but intense group that is passionate about everything we do. We constantly inspire and challenge each other to create world-class UX and UI for our clients.

The Leap Labs believes that we are only as good as our last project and our only measurement of success is the great feedback our customers get when they show off their application in sales meetings, industry gatherings and board meetings.

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Our Value

Beauty, Clarity & Velocity

Today, users demand the same standard of UX in their work tools as they do in their personal tools. Beautiful enterprise software is the new normal.

Rapid Design and Prototyping allows pre-programming validation of the application's value proposition, clarity of functionality, accurate programming plans and pre-sales feedback.

High-fidelity prototyping allows dev teams to more accurately run sprints and deliver on point. Iterating concepts in a prototype is much faster and cost effective than iterating with a development team.

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Imbedded Team

We engage our clients as team members in their workspace. This allows us to have constant interaction with our clients, increases design iterations and produces a lean and quick result.

Deliver Always

For The Leap Labs, every day is a delivery day. We produce usable design every day and we want our clients to see results in real time. This gives our clients the ability to drive the design process with us.

MVP Scoping

Defining the main goals of the users within the application is key to identifying what the MVP of the application will be.

Defining User Journeys

User goals are prototyped as user journeys to test the efficiency of design, ease of user understanding and adoption and clarity for programming.

High-fidelity Prototyping

Prototyping in high-fidelity merges the custom interface design and the user journeys. This detailed visualization stands as the de-facto vision of the organisation.

Modern Delivery

Using the best of Sketch 3, Zeplin, creating icon font libraries and packaging all up in accessible file formats allows our clients to accelerate front end design.


Start-ups & Companies

It has been our absolute pleasure to be able to work with some great start-ups and companies in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Feature Projects

Case Studies

Although we specialize in UX & UI design, we also help our clients with corporate branding, web sites, info-graphics, white papers and in any way we feel we can add value.

"We've worked with Chris and his team several times on UI designs that were both important and urgent to the company. Every time, Chris has delivered designs that were a delight to our users. He has helped us work through some very complex user experience questions, and has done so quickly and with seeming ease. These are the reasons we keep coming back."
Shane Lowery |  CTO, Instart Logic
"Leap Labs is a stylish design studio with a classy team that does design like it is art. Its well trained and eclectic team of designers, artists and illustrators is an absolute pleasure to work with. Their passion and commitment shows through their work, as well as timeliness of delivery. Xcalar Insight is a sophisticated HTML5 app that Leap designed in record time. Even though our company is in stealth it is already winning accolades from some of our partners and pre-beta customers."
Vikram Joshi  |  Founder, Xcalar
"Leap Labs didn't just listen to my company's rule book, they helped re-write it.  They've been an absolute joy to work with from inception through to delivery.  I don't see these chaps as a vendor, I see them as a partner."
Jay Shaw  |  Founder, Jawdrop
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If you are starting up and interested in LEAPING ahead of your competition with world-class UI / UX, drop me a line.
- Christopher Guidroz, Founder

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