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App Design


Open and extensible analytics platform

Big Data
Lead UX / UI Partner
Tools Used:
Sketch, Axure, Zeplin, Illustrator, Animate, Google Docs


After a several month search for the right User Experience partner, Xcalar and The Leap Labs found each other. We instantly clicked and began a 2 month jumpstart of the Insight product. After visualizing their MVP in a 2 phase, 2 month intensive process, we signed up for a year to support Xcalar produce a first class product. Xcalar is a San Jose, USA based start-up creating beautiful applications to manipulate and interrogate mixed, big data.

Initial Wireframes

To start the visual conversation and to lay out the very complex tooling of Xcalar Insite, we used traditional starter wireframing.

This allowed us to visualize the app, push around functionality and decide on navigation. Although we strive to use High-fidelity Prototypes, we are flexible and can respond to any challenge.

Product Design

Applying a skin added beauty and clarity to the application. The data tables, rows and cells are rich with data but easy on the eye in light greys. Data mashup happens at the cell level and all other functions are pushed to the edges of the app to maximize data visualization.

We produced many stunning pages for the app like the monitoring section. CPU, RAM, Flash and Disk Space are visualized in a simple and visually stunning way.

The Re-skin (Proof the base constructs worked)

After several years, and in response to UI & UX trends as well as user input, Xcalar was ready to re-skin using a flat design. We were able to respond quickly with a new style guide as the original main elements, functions and navigation of the app had stood the test of time.

The DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)

One of the more challenging efforts was to design the DAG. The DAG shows all the opperations the data analyst has done to clean, mash-up, join, split and arrive at a satisfactory data set. Not only does the DAG display linerarly through time the actions, but allows the user to roll back to any point in the effort.

Take a Short Tour

You can see the application at work and how beautiful the application is. And if you are interested in big data, you might even consider Xcalar for your big data analytics!