The leap labs secures engagement with jaris, a silicon valley fintech starup

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App Design


Container Security that Trancends Clouds

Social Media Service
Lead UI/UX Partner
Tools Used:
Sketch, Axure, Zeplin, Illustrator, Animate, Google Docs

Jawdrop Social is a London, UK based start-up who wish to create a new way to connect socially and romantically with people around you. Like many UK based start-ups, Jawdrop needed an amazing interface fast, and within a self-funding start-up's budget. The Leap Labs responded with a complete product design package- delivered in 2 months.

Drop A Pin

The main JawDrop Usecase is for Users to be able to drop a pin on a map location and then be able to interact with other app members that have set a pin in the location.

First time user login

Edit pin

The DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)

One of the more challenging efforts was to design the DAG. The DAG shows all the opperations the data analyst has done to clean, mash-up, join, split and arrive at a satisfactory data set. Not only does the DAG display linerarly through time the actions, but allows the user to roll back to any point in the effort.

Jawdrop Walkthough Video

Jawdrop Splash Video